Wipes for all types of fitness equipment surfaces

Wipes 4 Health

Wipes 4 Health are useful for all types of fitness equipment surfaces. They are pre-moist towelettes designed for club members and employees to clean the fitness equipment. It comes in 900 sheet rolls that are designed to last your club a long time and is safe to use on all fitness equipment surfaces (vinyl, metal, plastic, stainless steel, leather and fabric). It’s not feasible for the club’s employees to wipe and clean every single machine before and after a member’s workout. With Wipes 4 Health, members love to clean the equipment before and after they workout as a courtesy to other members helping to prevent disease and ensure longevity of the equipment.

Our Advantages


Made In the USA

Low prices as low as .018 per sheet

Discount for bulk purchases, distributors and chains.

Excellent quality wipes (Dupant Material)

Kills 99.9% of germs

EPA and FDA approved products

900 sheet count per roll

Alcohol free and safe for the environment

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