Wipes for all types of fitness equipment surfaces


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Product Description

Including Built-in Trash Can & plastic bucket in the top compartment to hold the wipes roll
MODERN STAINLESS-STEEL DESIGN: sleek, stylish dispenser that is sturdy and ideal for any facility, including fitness clubs, schools, day-cares, residential & commercial properties and health care facilities
CONVENIENT WIPE DISPENSER WITH HIGH-CAPACITY TRASH CAN DUO: all-in-one ‘wipe and toss’’ combination includes a large 26.5 liters, 44 x 28cm stainless steel trash can
This Model Doesn’t have a back door, to access the Trash Can. You will need to lift the dispenser up, in order to access the Trash Can.
TAILOR-MADE FOR REFILL WIPES ROLLS: conveniently fits most ‘wipe on a roll’ products (up to 25cm diameter), including hand sanitizing wipes and surface disinfecting wipes – WIPES SOLD SEPARATELY
EASY TO DISPENSE SHEETS OF WIPES: new and improved silicone dispensing nozzle for convenience and ease of use
AIRTIGHT, REMOVABLE WIPE-HOLDING BUCKET: Indestructible thick plastic can with tight seal to prevent cleaning solution evaporation and keep wet wipes moist

Height: 91.4 cm
Diameter: 33 cm
Weight: 9.5 kgs
Material: Stainless Steel